Boozy Cherries and Boozy Cherry Molasses

I found these two recipes at a website called Foodie with Family and what a find! Rebecca really cooks things I like, and with great instructions. I highly recommend it.

I made two of her recipes, the Rum-Soaked Preserved Cherries (which I call Boozy Cherries for short) and the Boozy Cherry Molasses and just…Oh wow. My guests and I were in tastebud heaven – I served the cherries and the molasses over Tillamook Chocolate ice cream and it was glorious.

*Recipe Tip – if you don’t want to buy a big bottle of Golden Rum, buy some of the little “shooter” bottles, it’s a lot cheaper.

Here is the link to both the recipes – Boozy Cherries

And here are my wonderful boozy cherries!

3 thoughts on “Boozy Cherries and Boozy Cherry Molasses

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