Homemade Laundry Soap – Easy and Works Better!

I admit it, I’m officially a Foodie with Family junkie. I love that website – every single thing I’ve made from there is PERFECT.

About a month ago, I made up a batch of her Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe. I had snagged the recipe a few weeks prior, and my local WalMart was out of both of the main ingredients (sheesh). So when they came in, I picked them up and about a week later I bit-the-bullet and decided to give this a try. Previously, I had been using Bio Kleen Laundry liquid, and before that a major brand non-perfume soap.

The homemade soap beat the pants off of ANYthing I’ve ever used, as far as cleaning – and that’s with no additional laundry aids such as bleach etc. Plus, it leaves a “clean” smell, like it’s been outside or something, and (this is hard to describe) somehow makes fabrics feel softer and cleaner. It’s literally like other laundry soaps weren’t really cleaning!

I now don’t want to use anything else.

I did the small batch but added just a bit of grated Fels Naptha, and I used some old bath salt containers that I had (to hold the liquid) which worked great.

My container:

I have not used any essential oil fragrances as yet, even though her recipe tells you how to if you want. I have Lavender Essential Oil already anyway, so I might try that with one of my next batches.

My Small Batch Recipe

1/4 of a bar of Ivory soap – PLAIN, no lotion.
Maybe 1/4 inch of a Fels Naptha bar soap – grated
1/4 cup of washing soda
1/8 cup of Borax
1 gallon of warm water.

Note: only use metal spoons etc. for this, so all the soap and borax etc. doesn’t get into items you use for cooking. Or better yet, sacrifice some items to be ONLY used for making laundry soap.

Follow the instructions for making the big batch, ie: grate the 2 soaps (I did it onto a plate with a big metal cheese grater); put that in a non-reactive pan with a cup of warm water and heat (not boil) until the soap dissolves. DO NOT BREATHE VAPORS THAT RISE (it’s kind of obnoxious in my opinion). Then I filled up a 2 gallon bucket with 1 gallon warm to hot water; added the washing soda and borax and stirred it around until dissolved; then I poured the melted soap water in and dunked and swished the pan around, plus stirred it a bit. Then just pour into your containers, cover and let sit! Break up chunks the next day and it’s ready to go. I would suggest that you do NOT put in your garage at this time of year if you’re in North Idaho, or a similarly cold climate. One batch didn’t set up right I think because I did that, combined with the fact that I changed soaps and tried the Dr. Bronner’s baby soap which I think isn’t as good as the Ivory.

Here’s what my “good” batch looked like after sitting the requisite overnight period. VERY thick.

Here’s it after stirring it up and breaking up the gelatinous chunks (sounds disgusting eh?) It’s true, it’s not the most attractive looking stuff, but boy does it WORK!

The measuring cup is a 1 cup measuring cup that I picked up at the local thrift store and is ONLY USED FOR THE SOAP DISPENSING. Don’t “cross” your measuring cups into using them for cooking – bad idea. YUCK!

For doing a load of laundry, use 1 cup of your soap. (sometimes I use less depending on the size of the load).


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